About us

Founded in 2009 and Still Going Strong in 2021


We are a Cape Town based web design company. Our specialty is to provide you with a good quality basic web presence to market your business online at an affordable price.


If you are in business, you need a web presence. In today’s world, having a web presence should be as essential as having your phone number in the phone book. Otherwise, how will people find you?

Our goal is to offer you a custom web design and SEO in Cape Town at a price that is realistic, that you can afford. Everyone in Cape Town should be able to afford a basic web presence, and this is where HDT Web Design comes in. If all you need is a basic custom web site (Home Page, About Us Page, Contact Info Page, Portfolio Page, etc.) you have come to the right place.

Turn Your Prospects Into Buyers

Contact us and one of our friendly staff will give you a call to help in your business.